Things To Consider When Preparing For An Assisted Living Move

When you have an aging parent, there may come a point where he or she may need an assisted living community. If you are preparing for an assisted living transition for your loved one, the process needs time and attention to ensure that it goes smoothly. Here are a few of the things that you need to be prepared for.

Know The Space

Before you can adequately prepare for the move, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the unit that your loved one is moving into. Ask the facility if you could see the actual unit that he or she will live in. Take some measurements of the space so that you can easily determine if any of your loved one's furniture will fit. This makes it easier to decide what to move and what to put into storage. In some cases, assisted living units are partially furnished as well, so you'll need to see the exact unit to know what's already in there. 

Consider The Closets

You should take some time to explore the closet space in the unit as well. This is important because your loved one likely has a lot of clothes and other items that will need to be kept in a closet. When you know how much space there is in the unit, you'll be able to help him or her prioritize the clothing they wish to take if the closet space is limited.

Start Packing Early

Especially if your loved one has lived in their current home for many years, the process of downsizing into an assisted living facility is going to take some time. Make sure you allow plenty of time for packing and sorting belongings because it will not only be a lengthy process, but it may also be an emotionally difficult one. That may mean having to take it slow to allow your loved one to adjust to the transition. 

Ease The Transition

Moving into the new unit is going to be emotionally stressful. You can help to ease that transition by recruiting as much of your family as possible to help with the move. The more friends and family your loved one is surrounded by during the move, the less alone they will feel.

Plan for some time after moving in to help your loved one unpack and put things where they go. Remember that you're moving him or her into assisted living for a reason, so take some of the physical burden off by helping with the settling in process. This can also help your loved one to feel supported and cared for along the way. If you have any questions, contact the staff at a local assisted living facility like Swan Brook Assisted Living.

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