Tips for Selecting an In-Home Healthcare Service for an Elderly Loved One

As people reach their golden years, it is not uncommon to develop health problems. However, not all elderly people with health issues want to live in a nursing home-- there are many who wish to stay in their own home and can do so safely if they have in-home healthcare services. An in-home healthcare service is staffed by nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals, and they can help ensure that your elderly loved one gets the care that he or she needs.

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Consult Your Loved One's Insurance Company

Before you begin to look for in-home healthcare services in your loved one's vicinity, you need to consult with their insurance company. Some senior citizens carry private insurance to help pay for home healthcare or assisted living-- if your loved one has one of these insurance policies, check with that company first. Most elderly people utilize Medicare to assist with their healthcare needs, so you will need to contact Medicare to learn more about what in-home healthcare services are covered and what companies they are contracted with. It is possible that Medicaid may also cover costs that are not paid by Medicare.

Ensure that the In-Home Healthcare Service is Fully Licensed

When you begin looking at different in-home healthcare services, it is important to make sure that they are fully licensed. While looking into this, make sure that their license is current. This is important for a few reasons — first, insurance companies and Medicare most likely will not cover any of the bill for in-home healthcare services if the company is not licensed. Second, when an in-home healthcare service is licensed, you can have the peace of mind that the company complies with all rules and regulations set forth by the state, ensuring that your elderly loved one will receive the best care possible.

Check Availability

Older senior citizens with health issues will have different needs when it comes to in-home healthcare. Some may only need the assistance of a nurse to administer medication once or twice a week, while others may need more involved healthcare that requires daily visits for several hours a day. When looking for an in-home healthcare service, be very clear about your loved one's needs and how often they will require care to ensure that you select a service that has the right availability. 

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