Recently Widowed? How A Retirement Community Might Help Fill The Void

The loss of a spouse is sure to leave a lasting void that will be difficult to fill. In addition to the companionship and love that was shared, older married couples that have been together for many years have usually perfected a caring, supportive routine that ensures both feel comfortable, safe, and secure. 

When one spouse passes away, however, the one left behind can feel overwhelmed with the prospects of having to care for themselves and their home as a single person.

Because of this, many elderly people who have lost their spouse are drawn to consider downsizing from their current home to one that will require less care and be more efficient, such as one in a retirement community.

If you have recently lost your spouse and are wondering moving into a retirement community is something you should consider, this information can help you understand the potential benefits such a move might offer for your situation.

New friends and relationships

Retirement communities offer a perfect environment for elderly people to form new friendships. Most residents in retirement communities understand the difficulties you face as the surviving spouse and this understanding helps to foster much needed new relationships. 

A secure home and relaxed lifestyle

Life in a retirement community can also offer widows a secure environment to help them feel safe, even when physical limitations exist. Most retirement communities offer a wide range of security features including: 

  • gated or restricted access points
  • well-lit grounds and secure parking areas
  • intercom systems and monitoring cameras 
  • safety alert call buttons

Retirement community living is also much more relaxed for seniors who no longer have to worry about cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow in winter.

On-site conveniences and close proximity to healthcare

Another benefit commonly found in a retirement community is a selection of on-site conveniences, such as hair care, entertainment areas, and activities like walking, golf, and swimming. In addition, retirement communities are carefully planned with a location near healthcare options and facilities, such as hospitals, physical rehab centers, and cancer treatment facilities.

To learn more about retirement communities, consider touring reputable ones in your area and discussing your future housing needs with the retirement community manager or representative. Taking this step will help you more easily regain your equilibrium after the painful loss of a spouse and help you begin to look toward the future with less stress. Reach out to a retirement community to learn more.

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