Assisted Living

Aging gracefully often means moving away from situations that do not meet personal needs. Many people no longer need large homes that require hours of maintenance. Depending on family members or hiring help a few days a week is not always the best option. Trying to order or make meals, schedule transportation to see medical providers, or just to run errands can take a great deal of planning and afford.

Levels of care needed may change due to recovering from surgery or simply needing help with personal care tasks. Adult children may have their own families and may not able to help when needed. Here are a few things to know about assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities cater to modern needs

Many people have likely visited a relative at an uninviting nursing home, usually to share a meal or to simply talk. Gone are the lonely cafeteria halls of unattended nursing homes. Assisted living facilities have evolved to meet the needs of active seniors who have different needs. There are residents who drive and are very independent but feel secure with access to help when needed. Transportation may be available to residents who no longer drive and need to shop on a regular basis. There may be scheduled activities, religious services, exercise classes, or community activities. Wifi may be available to make it easy to keep in touch with family members or for business purposes. Private rooms help to create the feeling of home, but a staff member is available.

Assisted living facilities offer a variety of services

Work with the assisted living facility to see exactly what is offered. There may be different price points depending on what services are offered. Tell the assisted living representative what is most important to feel comfortable each day. This may include having all meals prepared or simply having access to grocery delivery. The assisted living facility may offer in house laundry service, beauty and barber services, and help with medications. Medication help is invaluable for people who forget to take their medications on time or have multiple prescriptions that must be taken with food. Knowing that meals will always be available helps to relieve the pressure of organizing meals and shopping.

Take time to visit local assisted living facilities to find the best new home. Bring a trusted family member or friend to help make a confident decision. Take note of the common areas that will make it easier to host guests during visiting hours. Use these tips when finding a new assisted living community to call home.

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