When Should You Consider Assisted Living Care For Your Loved One?

The decision to place a loved one in managed care or an assisted living community is never an easy choice to make. Sometimes, though, it is the best decision for everyone. Not everyone will have the same "aha!" moment about this decision either.

That's perfectly acceptable. Some families may take even more time to come to the realization that assisted living is the best choice. These are a few occasions when assisted living may be the best option for your loved one, yourself, and your family.

When Quality of Life Suffers

Quality of life is such an important aspect of living. When that suffers because your loved one can no longer do certain things for him or herself, and you can't always be there to help, it affects everyone around you. 

If your loved one is unable to dress, bathe, and keep a clean, orderly house; he or she is likely to withdraw from social situations, which can lead to depression. It can also become a health risk for your loved one as well. You may feel guilt that you can't do all the things your loved one needs because you have a job, a family, and a house of your own to run. Plus, you are missing out on quality time with your loved one.

Everyone in the family misses the presence of an aging loved one. Even when the loved one is present, he or she may be more withdrawn than normal due to depression and worries over the many things your loved one can no longer do for him or herself.

Inviting your loved one to explore an assisted living facility places the choice in his or her hands and returns some of the power your loved one has lost to age.

When Medical Conditions Require

In addition to the emotional aspect of care and meeting basic needs at an assisted living facility, most also provide medical care and supervision. This included things like:

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Sorting and administering medications
  • Preparing healthy meals that adhere to dietary needs and restrictions
  • Conducting wellness checks
  • Educating guests about fall prevention
  • Promoting independence when possible, where possible

Assisted living is about so much more than simply assisting your loved one. It's about improving health, encouraging independence, and providing a community where your loved one can socialize and thrive surrounded by people with similar backgrounds and interests with caring professionals to watch over them all. For more information, reach out to an assisted living facility near you. 

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