Caring For A Loved One With Dementia: Is The In-Home Care A Good Option?

Dementia is a disorder with no cure. When a family member receives the diagnosis, it can be devastating for everyone. Unfortunately, dementia disrupts brain function, eventually causing an individual's personality to drastically change while altering their ability to remember things and do things for themselves. Helping a loved one with dementia care is often a challenge for the family because of all the work required, but in-home dementia care is available. Skilled nurses can come and provide care for your family member who needs the added support due to their diagnosis.

Providing Beneficial Companionship

The most important thing that a nurse providing in-home care for patients with dementia can offer is beneficial companionship. Those with dementia are not always easy to deal with or handle, especially when they get angry and aggressive. However, the nurse who comes to the home will have experience handling these situations and knows how to speak to your family member. Nurses often use redirecting techniques when talking to their patients to get them to overcome any outbursts they might be having. Remember, anything that a loved one says or does because of their dementia is not always a true representation of who they are. The companionship that a nurse provides can make your family feel a lot better while ensuring that your relative knows they have someone around to help them.

Completing Dementia Care Activities

The nurse may provide companionship and assist with the tasks that your family member cannot handle anymore, but the nurse may also complete different dementia care activities to stimulate the brain. The activities may include some of the following options:

  • Baking cookies
  • Finger painting or sponge painting
  • Exercise
  • Pet therapy
  • Simple puzzles

Some of these simple activities will keep an individual busy while helping them work on their memory skills. Many of these activities are therapeutic to people with a dementia diagnosis. The nurse who takes care of your family member may have different activities planned out for each week.

A dementia diagnosis can lead to a lot of heartbreak and frustration for the family. Knowing someone you love is deteriorating in front of you is difficult. When things get rough, dementia in-home care services are available. A skilled and caring nurse can provide constant care and companionship while getting your loved one to participate in different suitable activities. The in-home care option can make a positive difference for those with this diagnosis.

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