How To Prepare Your Aging Parent For Assisted Living

When your aging parents need assistance with daily living activities, you may find yourself considering assisted living as an option. But preparing your senior for a move to an assisted living facility can be a stressful experience, both emotionally and practically. 

Preparing your parent for this transition is essential if they are going to receive the benefits of residence in an assisted living facility. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process.

Take Time to Acclimate

Taking time to acclimate can be an important step when preparing your aging parent for assisted living. It is a period of adjustment that will provide physical and emotional security during the transition.

During this process, you and your parent should discuss important questions, such as what services will be provided by the assisted living facility and what kind of financial arrangements need to be made. Talk about the activities that are available in the community or held on-site and discuss how much personal care your parent may need or want. Having these conversations early on will help prepare your parent for their new living environment and reassure them that they won't feel abandoned or overwhelmed when the process begins.

Additionally, allow your aging parent plenty of opportunities to learn more about their new home before moving from their existing residence into an assisted living facility. Providing them with pictures of potential rooms and facilities gives them a chance to become familiar with what it might look like at a distance. Virtual tours can also supplement this so they can get a sense of possible layouts and features without having stepped foot inside yet. Allowing ample time for visits prior to making any movement ensures that once the actual day comes around, there won't be too many surprises in store.

Develop a Support Network 

Developing a support network is an important aspect of the transition process. With a strong support system, your parent will feel secure and confident in their new living environment.

Start by researching the assisted living facility to identify any current residents who can provide insight into day-to-day life in the community. Connect with others who have made similar transitions and tap into their knowledge to help prepare your parent for the move.

In addition, have family and friends to provide emotional support. Establishing communication with other members of the assisted living facility, family, and friends in their current residence can help foster a sense of connectedness.

Preparing your aging parent for assisted living can be an emotional process for both of you. Taking the time to acclimate, develop a support network, and have the necessary conversations will help your parent experience a smooth transition into their new living environment. With the proper preparation, you can ensure that your aging parent receives the best possible care and experiences a successful move into an assisted living facility.

Contact a local senior citizen assisted living facility to learn more. 

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